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Measured SEM Services

We offer pay-per click, SEO, and content marketing services. We service a relatively small number of clients so that our founders can be involved in overseeing the strategy and execution of every account we take on. The folks architecting your search strategy will be experienced search marketing pros with real world business experience who are also stake holders in the company. This helps ensure a high level of skill, an understanding of business objectives, and a high degree of care in servicing your account.

While we consistently deliver growth in relevant traffic, leads, and revenue for businesses of varying sizes, we are not for everyone. We’re a small shop. We typically start either at a $6,000 project price or $6,000 a month for on-going services. We find this level of investment helps ensure that you get sustainable results that will help grow your business. To deliver any of the services below we also need you to help us help you. We start each engagement working to learn more about your company, your prospects, your industry, and your competitors.

During the course of an engagement we may need help from you on things like feedback on possible content topics, help getting content live on your site, getting landing pages updated (or built), having technical recommendations for your site implemented by your development team. Typically a successful engagement means that there’s a “point person” on the client side who we can have regular communication with to help implement these kinds of tasks.

The upside here is that when we get the proper investment both in terms of budget and time we’re able to reliably deliver great results for clients.

If that all sounds like it may be a fit, you can get in touch or learn more about the specific services we offer below.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services

We provide a mix of technical SEO analysis along with in-depth keyword research. By auditing your site, looking at your historical traffic data, and analyzing competitors and major publishers in your niche we can help identify both the things about your current site that are holding you back, as well as your biggest opportunities for growth.


Specifically as part of an engagement we offer:
  • Technical Audit
  • We will conduct an audit of your site to ensure that there are no technical issues that would prevent your site’s content from appearing and ranking highly in search results. Common issues here include redirects being implemented incorrectly, your content management system creating duplicate content, servers sending search engine spiders the wrong response codes, etc.
  • Keyword Research
  • We will conduct initial and ongoing keyword research to identify a list of core keywords to target in order to drive more organic search traffic. We conduct keyword research using a variety of sources, which include:
    • The Google Keyword Tool
    • Existing analytics traffic data
    • Analysis of competitor websites
    • Our objective here is to identify a basket of keywords that are relevant, frequently searched, and that you’ll realistically be able to rank for so that we can drive actual traffic that will help grow your business.
  • On-Page Optimization
  • We will make recommendations for optimizing specific on-page elements such as page titles, meta descriptions, etc.
  • Internal Linking & Information Architecture
  • We will make specific internal linking and information architecture recommendations designed to help focus your site’s link equity to the highest value SEO pages / sections of your site to help drive the maximum amount of relevant search traffic.

Content Marketing Services

We create keyword-focused, long-form content that will actually rank and drive prospects and customers to your website. Through a mix of in-depth keyword research, creation of long-form content assets, and expert outreach and social promotion we create a mix of content assets that work.


Specifically as part of an engagement we offer:
  • In-Depth Content Creation & Promotion
  • We create and promote long-form articles that offer a deep dive on specific, keyword-focused topics designed to both generate valuable links to your site and drive relevant traffic. This process includes:
    • Researching and collecting data for the article
    • Creating the article
    • Promoting the article across the Web and social sphere, including high-profile social media sites
    • Outreach to specific blogs and resource lists to acquire links from relevant, high authority Websites

The goal of these articles is to generate mentions, traffic, social signals and links, all of which help improve organic rankings for a site.

  • Group Interview & Best of List Creation & Promotion
  • We will work with you to create and promote a series of articles featuring thought leaders within your niche as well as a series of “Best of” posts highlighting other (non-competitive) companies and/or resources. This process includes:
    • Working through keyword research and with you to identify a topic that drives traffic, is something your site can rank for, and something that wil drive relevant traffic
    • Selecting blogs or publishing targets or thought leaders for the list / interview
    • Writing and formatting the article
    • Production of all graphical elements, including document design, banners and badges for those included / highlight to use on their sites and share with their audiences
    • Promoting the best of list or group interview to those included in the list / in the interview as well as social promotion


  • Shorter Keyword-Focused Blog Posts
  • We also create shorter (closer to 750-1,000 words typically) overviews on specific topics and core terms designed to be informational and to target specific keywords that aren’t being addressed by other areas of the site or via more in-depth resources such as in-depth articles and best of lists.

Pay-Per Click Services

We provide end-to-end Google AdWords & Bing Ads pay-per click (PPC) campaign management. You’re charged a flat monthly fee based on the specific services we deliver so that we can make decisions based on what is (and what isn’t) working in the account. This allows us to optimize your account for better ROI, not more spend.


Specifically as part of an engagement we offer:
  • Initial Campaign Set Up / Campaign Audit
  • We will help with the technical set up of the campaign (or audit the set up of an existing campaign) including ensuring that conversion tracking is set up properly and building out new AdWords campaigns.
  • Keyword Research & Targeting
  • We will identify keywords to target on both the search network and targeting options on the content network (eg remarketing audiences, display placements, etc.) by leveraging existing data as well as competitive research and keyword research tools, and will look for opportunities to expand keyword targeting in profitable areas of the campaign over time.
  • Account Structure
  • We’ll create an initial structure for the account that will allow us to test multiple keyword themes and verticals, and will also be built to grow and scale as we learn more about what’s effective within the campaign, or audit the structure of the existing account.
  • Bid Management
  • We’ll set initial bids based on an estimate of likely conversion and desired cost-per action, and will make adjustments to bids based on performance, or audit existing bids based on these criteria, and make regular adjustments to drive as much profitable traffic as possible.
  • Ad Text Creation
  • We’ll create at least two (frequently more) ad variations for each ad group and test the performance of those ads continually over time.
  • Display Ad Creation
  • We’ll have initial display ads created (if necessary) so that the campaign can target sites on the content network that allow image ads in various formats, and/or create remarketing campaigns.
  • Ad Copy Testing & Optimization
  • We’ll track initial performance of those ads and “kill” the losing ad and create an initial variation of the ad for the higher volume ad groups regularly.
  • Landing Page Recommendations
  • The client will be responsible for designing and developing landing pages for the campaign as well as implementing appropriate tracking code on the site, and Measured SEM will provide optimization recommendations for the landing page layout and content, and also be available to provide the appropriate AdWords conversion code and to help test that tracking code is implemented properly and provide specific recommendations for development resources as necessary / prior to the launch of the campaigns. We also have a partner who we can recommend for landing page design and development if those resources are an issue, but that work is not included in the cost of campaign management.