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Small Business Owners

Looking to grow your business by generating search marketing results?

How Measured SEM Can Help

Small businesses come in many shapes and sizes (Measured SEM itself is one). We work with publishers, affiliates, and small shops (even some one-man-bands) to offer search marketing services. If you’re running a business, you likely don’t have the time or resources to do search marketing well. SEO and PPC are becoming increasingly complex, and both disciplines charge harsh “ignorance taxes” for those who haven’t had a chance to get up to speed on best practices. We’ll work with you to create a program that will get the absolute most out of your resources. We’ll look at your site, analyze your niche, and create a search marketing plan that is designed for your budget and to fit the resources that you have. We’re a boutique operation with extensive freelance resources available, which means we can customize every project to suit your needs – you hand off as much or as little to us as you like, and we work with you to help you better understand exactly what that optimal use of resources is.

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